Aero Club Milano - Tecnam

On Friday November 18th of this year an Aero Club Milano delegation including the Vice President Gianni Rovera, the Directors Guerrino Cesarato and Massimo Ferrario, the head of the flight instructors Marco Macchi and flight instructor Marco Aliprandi visited TECNAM SRL in Capua (Naples), which is a leading airplane manufacturing company in which three generations of designers, builders and Italian pilots famous throughout the world collaborate: the Pascale family.
Greeted by the General Manager, Paolo Pascale and his collaborators, our delegation had the opportunity to visit the plant in Capua where an entire family of ultra-light, single and twin-engine airplanes is built. These airplanes are respected and valued all over the world thanks to the extensive and widespread network of distributors, as well as, due to the other two plants located in Florida (USA) and in China.
The two flight instructors had the opportunity to fly on three airplanes built by Tecnam: a single engine two-seater; a single engine four-seater; and a twin-engine four-seater. They appreciated the comfort, luxuriousness, safety, technologically advanced avionics and innovative qualities of the airplanes. The meeting, which lasted the entire day, was held, not only with the scope of an indispensible cultural experience, but also in view of the upcoming renewal program of the Aero Club Milano fleet, of more than 20 airplanes, most of which are produced in the United States that in the near future could be replaced by Tecnam Italian airplanes.
The Italian company, which is first in Europe and second in the world for the number of piston-engine airplanes delivered in 2015 and 2016, is now the reference point for most of the flight schools around the world. Aero Club Milano, the leader among the aero clubs in Italy for the number of airplanes, members and licenses issued, was pleased with the meeting and pledged to follow up with additional detailed considerations during 2017.


Aero Club Milano news

  • 15th edition of the PPL course: beginning on 11/01/2017

Aero Club Milano is pleased to announce that the start of the 15th edition of the PPL course is scheduled to start on Wednesday, 11 January 2017.
For the first month, the lessons will be held on Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 PM to 10 PM and thereafter on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 PM to 10 PM.
Some lessons will begin at 7 PM in order to accommodate the 14 long briefings included in the program.
The PPL course will last approximately six months.

Click here for information.

Bresso, 27 October 2016


• Board Meeting

 Aero Club Milano announces that the 12th Board meeting of 2016 was held on Tuesday, 25 October.

On the agenda were the following topics:

- Inauguration of the Aero Club Milano Lounge (scheduled for members on Tuesday, 15 November) and final comments on the valuable renovation work completed;
- Convocation of the members' meeting to approve the financial statements scheduled for Thursday, 24 November;
- Party/dinner to celebrate bestowing the Aquilette on the newly licensed Aero Club Milano members scheduled for Friday, 2 December;
- Party/dinner to bid farewell to Captain Fausto Martelli, Head of Training for the Aero Club Milano scheduled for Thursday, 15 December;
- Celebration of the Holy Christmas Mass scheduled for Tuesday, 20 December  (the service will be held by Fabrizio Martello who is the chaplain of the Linate airport);
- Collaborations with other Aero Clubs.

Detailed information will follow from the President, Antonio Giuffrida.

Bresso, 25 October 2016


• "Weight and Balance" forms online

Dear members,

In order to make it easier for pilots to use the “Weight and Balance” form, we have uploaded them directly on our website (the "Fleet" area): by clicking on the phrase “learn more” relating to each airplane, the pull-down menu will open and a PDF is available for download.

Because every flight should be considered safe during every phase, we would like to remind you of the importance of proper and careful compilation of this form in accordance with governing regulations.

Head of Training

Captain Fausto Martelli

Bresso, 22 September 2016


• Formulation of new aerobatics area

Aero Club Milano is pleased to inform the members that the competent authorities issued a NOTAM (notice to airmen), which announced the formulation of the new aerobatics area.

Below is the official text:

452312N0090427E 452254N0090339E 452334N0090312E 452351N0090402E
ACC/FIC. GND – 3000FT AMSL, SEPT 09-OCT 29 0700-SS AND OCT 30-NOV 13 0800-SS,
09 SEP 07:00 2016 UNTIL 13 NOV 23:59 2016. CREATED: 06 SEP 08:38 2016
Seeing how it expires on 13/11/16, despite the fact that our request was for the 11/12, it will be necessary to renew such in due course since the final area will be usable from 10/12.

Bresso, 6 September 2016


• Statement from the President

Aero Club Milano would like to inform its members and users that any information and/or news concerning the Aero Club Milano must be considered official and reliable, if, and only if, it comes from one or more authorized sources of the same.

The only authorized sources will be considered:

1) The staff members of Aero Club Milano (President, Vice President, Board of Directors, Auditors, Administrative Office, Accountable Manager, Press Office, Flight School Director, Flight Instructors, Air Traffic Control Tower, Safety Manager, Quality Assurances Manager, Flight Line, Maintenance and Media Officer);
2) The website of Aero Club Milano (http://www.aeroclubmilano.it);
3) The Aeroclub Milano Facebook profile (https://www.facebook.com/aeroclubmilano/) and the Aero Club Milano Members Facebook profile (https://www.facebook.com/groups/287812624653068/).
Any other information and/or news about the Aero Club Milano which does not come from one or more authoritative sources of the Association must be regarded as unauthorized and in any case may not be attributable to the said official sources. For this reason, Aero Club Milano declines any liability for any damages that the indiscriminate use of information allegedly claiming to come from the Club sources might cause to third parties.
Whoever disseminates incorrect or untrue information and/or news about Aero Club Milano as well as disseminates misinformation will be personally civilly and criminally liable for what is reported.
It is noted that, with reference to the latter aspect, posting offensive comments on the Facebook page constitutes the offense of the libel. The Court of Cassation with judgment no. 24431/2015, recently reiterated that adding comments on a social network webpage means giving said message means of distribution which potentially has the capacity to reach an indeterminate number of people, therefore, where this comment is offensive, the case of aggravated defamation must be considered included.
I hope I have contributed to a more correct and less casual use of the methods of communication and I wish you all my warmest greetings.

President of Aero Club Milano
Antonio Giuffrida

Bresso, 5 September 2016


 • Operational Notice 12 bis 2016

Subject: National Aerobatic Team right of way - Monza racetrack 4 September 2016

With the NOTAM W2149/16 (attached) notification is made of the airspace restriction centered over the Monza racetrack with a radius of 8NM, from GND to 2000 ft, for Sunday, 4/9/2016 from 1330LT to 1400LT hours for the "Frecce Tricolori" National Aerobatic Team activities on the occasion of the Monza Formula 1 Grand Prix.
As can be seen from the attached maps, the Bresso Airport is included in said area together with a good part of the working area and the approach routes.
Therefore, all of the Aero Club Milano airplanes will remain grounded during such period, or, if already in flight, will have to remain outside of the area the until termination of the restriction.
Owner members are advised to also comply with the limitation with the greatest attention.
I remain available for further clarification,

Head of Training

Captain Fausto Martelli

Bresso, 2 September 2016


• Maurizio Balestreri, New Chief Flight Instructor

Aero Club Milano is pleased to inform its members that Commander Maurizio Balestreri has accepted the role as Chief Flight Instructor of the ATO no. IT.ATO.0007 effective from 18 August 2016.

Bresso, 10 August 2016


• ResQLink Devices

Aero Club Milano would like to inform its members that according to recent EASA regulations, new personal locator beacon (PLB) ResQLink devices from ACR Electronics are available for ATO flights.

Bresso, 10 August 2016


 • Storage and distribution of petrol

Aero Club Milano would like to inform its members and users that effective from 29 July 2016 ACM is once again has Avio petrol.
The Customs Agency and Administration of Monopolies has issued a license for storage and distribution activities and also for unleaded petrol.
The fuel price established for members is 2.18 /lt and 2.40 /lt for non-members.

Bresso, 4 August 2016


• Aero Club Milano Lounge

Aero Club Milano would like to inform its shareholders and users that the Aero Club Milano Lounge is closed from 2 August until late October for technical upgrading and renovations.

Bresso, 2 August 2016


 • Board Meeting

Thursday, 28 July the Aero Club Milano Board Meeting took place.


• The Board responds

Question: how to offer to the Aero Club Milano members greater transparency and a better understanding of the decisions made by the Board?
Answer: with "The Board responds," a section created with the exact goal of meeting any need, answering any doubt, providing any information or answering any question relating to the Association.

How does it work? On the official Aero Club Milano Facebook page and on the Aero Club Milano Members Facebook page the question "What do you want to know today?" will be posted or other information will be provided. After reading the request of the member or of the interested person, the request will immediately be forwarded to the proper person as quickly as possible to get the answer. The reply will be promptly posted both on Facebook and on the Aero Club Milano website in the “News” section.

In the 2.0 era, "The Board responds" wants to be another "dialogue" instrument between the Board and the members of Aero Club Milano. Not only will explanatory news be provided but above all informative news will be provided: for example, the dates of the Board meetings and the respective agendas will be posted and news and Aero Club Milano projects will be provided.

Many of the posts will be uploaded by Andrea Garnero, from the Aero Club Milano press office and as the "voice" (!!!) of the Aero Club Milano, the Board and the President. Andrea Garnero, before posting the answer, will discuss such with the staff, flight instructors, School Director, members of the Board, Accountable Manager or the President. The Board will review constructive comments from members. Offense posts will be deleted and if they continue, the author of such will be "blocked" on Facebook.

While it is certain that not all (!!!) members of the Aero Club Milano hide behind a monitor and keyboard to express their disagreements, the Board and President are confident that "The Board responds" will be an excellent opportunity to feel even more so part of the big Aero Club Milano family.

Bresso, 25 July 2016


  • Excursions with Aero Club Milano

A trip to Lussino (Croatia) has been postponed to the weekend of September 3-4. The trip to the beautiful island, scheduled for July 23- 24, has been moved because of heavy storms.
The only way to register for the trips is send an email to gite@aeroclubmilano.it. Those interested will be sent all of the relevant information.


• Hourly Safety Pilot rate

The Board of Directors met on 12 July 2016, at the request of some members and regarding the proposal of the President and has decided to introduce a special rate for those who are: members of the Aero Club Milano as well as owners of airplanes parked at our airport, who desire to have an instructor as a safety pilot next to them, as long as they are do not have a deficiency in flight activity hours and that they have all the necessary valid aeronautical certificates for the type of airplane and the type of activity requested.

Such specified hourly rate is fixed at 50 euro.

Requests should be addressed, as in any other case to reception, which will carry out any necessary verification and thereafter assign the instructor, if available.

Aero Club Milano


 • Sport in the Darsena

Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of July the Aero Club Milano participated in the "Sport in the Darsena" sports promotion event organized by the Regional Lombardia CONI Committee in collaboration with "Navigli Lombardi", with the sponsorship of the Lombardy Region and the City of Milan. It was a moment to get together and present the possibilities of the sport of flying.

The event took place along the Darsena, one of Milan's canals from 2 to 9 (Saturday 9) and from 10 to 6 (Sunday 10).


• "Navigation Applications" Evenings

Acknowledging the recommendations and the valuable advice of many members, Aero Club Milano is organizing some evenings with the theme of applications for navigation.

Specifically, the following will be discussed:

1. The new version of AirNavigation;
2. The new Skydemon application;
3. The new versions of the Jeppesen applications;
4. An overview of portals for creating and sending VFR flight plans, IFR and access to weather information, navigation and NOTAM (notice to airmen).