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Aero Club Milano courses 2017

The program for the 2017 courses organized by the Aero Club Milano Flight School is as follows:

• 11/01/2017 start of the PPL course;
• 16/01/2017 start of the ATPL module from PPL course;
• 16/01/2017 start of the IR + NIGHT RATING course.


The costs for the 2017 courses organized by the Aero Club Flight School Milan are as follows:



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News and events

Aero Club Milano - Tecnam

On Friday November 18th of this year an Aero Club Milano delegation including the Vice President Gianni Rovera, the Directors Guerrino Cesarato and Massimo Ferrario, the head of the flight instructors Marco Macchi and flight instructor Marco Aliprandi visited TECNAM SRL in Capua (Naples), which is a leading airplane manufacturing company in which three generations of designers, builders and Italian pilots famous throughout the world collaborate: the Pascale family.
Greeted by the General Manager, Paolo Pascale and his collaborators, our delegation had the opportunity to visit the plant in Capua where an entire family of ultra-light, single and twin-engine airplanes is built. These airplanes are respected and valued all over the world thanks to the extensive and widespread network of distributors, as well as, due to the other two plants located in Florida (USA) and in China.
The two flight instructors had the opportunity to fly on three airplanes built by Tecnam: a single engine two-seater; a single engine four-seater; and a twin-engine four-seater. They appreciated the comfort, luxuriousness, safety, technologically advanced avionics and innovative qualities of the airplanes. The meeting, which lasted the entire day, was held, not only with the scope of an indispensible cultural experience, but also in view of the upcoming renewal program of the Aero Club Milano fleet, of more than 20 airplanes, most of which are produced in the United States that in the near future could be replaced by Tecnam Italian airplanes.
The Italian company, which is first in Europe and second in the world for the number of piston-engine airplanes delivered in 2015 and 2016, is now the reference point for most of the flight schools around the world. Aero Club Milano, the leader among the aero clubs in Italy for the number of airplanes, members and licenses issued, was pleased with the meeting and pledged to follow up with additional detailed considerations during 2017.

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